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We have recently secured a contract with Yorkshire Water to supply the HPS Eco2 chamber system. As always HPS try to understand our customer's needs and provide the appropriate products.

Yorkshire Water like most utility companies has used concrete sections to BS 5834 in the past, for its inspection chambers, and continues to do so for less onerous locations e.g. pavements/verges. It therefore saw greatest operational advantage in the use of the HPS Eco2 chamber sections with dimensional compatibility with existing concrete sections. This would enable Yorkshire Water to reinstate chambers where the upper concrete sections may be deteriorating from dynamic traffic loads without the need to remove the whole chamber construction.

The HPS Eco2 chamber sections offer much improved resilience compared to concrete, "cushioning" traffic loads better and reducing the potential difference in flexibility between tarmac/ashphalt road construction and concrete inspection chambers. This helps to retain the integrity of the road surface around surface box frames by reducing differential movement under passing wheel loads.


Distribution is a key part of the service that HPS offer. By teaming up with Burdens - the largest civils distributor in the UK - enables HPS to service its utility contracts and other customers the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Burdens also offer our customers access to all the other products related to our various chamber systems. A one-stop shop for all of our customers.

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