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The Duktus Group develops, produces and markets high-grade ductile iron systems for transporting water and for laying deep foundations for buildings and other structures.
The durability of the material, the innovative technologies used in the products and professional expertise in our customers' areas of application have made us the leading problem solver in the water industry and in deep foundation engineering.

ROMOLD is a specialist manufacturer of plastic chambers geared to meet market- and consumer- needs. As a pioneer in the field, ROMOLD has positioned itself over 15 years as a provider of well-engineered systems and individual solutions and has something to offer for any customer needs.

HIDROSTANK was founded in 1996 to provide solutions for civil engineering systems, and advanced management of water treatment networks.

WT Burden:
Burdens Limited are the UK's leading supplier of civil engineering and building materials to the infrastructure, environmental and industrial markets. Burdens product range spans more than 18,000 lines, from gas and water pipelines to environmental-management systems such as rainwater harvesting.

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